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Basically, the temptation to say a character is super rich is appealing because it seems like it makes things easier if your character never has to worry about finances. Like, you can just wave your hand and say “and we never had to worry about how they afford this nice house/education/collection of possessions again”. But at the same time you can write yourself into the “why don’t they just-” corner with it. Wealth is almost like magic in a storytelling perspective. What are the limitations of this magic? What are the consequences of this magic? What happens when a character who has never experienced magic suddenly becomes imbued with powers? What happens when a character who’s used to having unlimited magic at their disposal is suddenly depowered? If a character has basically all the magic they could ever want, what’s stopping them from fulfilling their every whim?

I suppose people have a point when they say that Bruce Wayne’s pile of money counts as a superpower.

I must admit that I always feel a little bit guilty when I realize it’s been a while since I submitted any quotes to villainquoteoftheday.